Services for the diverse needs of any marina project

The resources to ensure any marina project meets its ultimate goals

Marina Projects provides specialist marina consultancy services to marine and waterfront development sectors. We work with a wide range of clients including government bodies, commercial organisations, private developers, and investment groups.

We also work collaboratively with world renowned architects, engineers and other professionals to deliver the clients vision for any marina or integrated waterfront projects.

Please see our range of specialist consultancy services below and call us on +44 (0)23 9252 6688 or use the Contact Us button.

Waterfront Development Masterplanning

Feasibility Studies and Market Research

Marine Business Planning

Marina Design

Tender and Project Management

Marine Operations Management

Environmental and Legislative Advice

Property Consultancy Services

A well-considered masterplan that creates the right relationship between land and water based activities, is critical to the success of any waterfront development.


Marina Projects has an international track record in the analysis of marina, boatyard and waterfront opportunities.


Marina Projects analyses marine related businesses and applies financial modelling, validation and business forecasting.


Marina Projects is experienced in satisfying the objectives of standards, quality, function, financing and serviceability, and pride ourselves on our passionate attention to detail.


Marina Projects focuses on completing projects on time and on budget. Our experienced project management team oversee all aspects, from advising on site and survey requirements to the appointment and co-ordination of the project team.


Marina Projects has the skills, resources and experience to make a positive impact upon a marine related business. We manage marina and boatyard assets for a diverse portfolio of private and corporate clients and can apply our skills to managing water-based events.


Our expertise and knowledge enables complex environmental and legislative consideration to be addressed as a fundamental element of any commission, be it at a strategic or project level.


Our knowledge and experience is used to good effect to assist clients in the securing of property and infrastructure development consents or to protect an asset from the impact of development by others.