Westhaven Marina

Westhaven Marina, Auckland, New Zealand mini map

CLIENT:Waterfront Auckland


Westhaven Marina is one of the largest marinas in the southern hemisphere with 1,900 berths. The masterplan study focused on the configuration and optimisation of the Westhaven Marina water space to accommodate both current and future boating trends.

The water space masterplan needed to ensure that Westhaven Marina retains an international level of service provision and places an emphasis on marina functionality, utilisation of the available water space and the optimisation of commercial yields.

The client, Waterfront Auckland, is an Auckland Council Controlled Organisation responsible for the Auckland Waterfront between the Harbour Bridge and Teal Park (excluding the Port of Auckland).

Westhaven Marina covers more than 52 hectares of water space with a further 8 hectares of adjoining land supporting yacht clubs and commercial premises in a premier public park setting. This area will ultimately become a high profile, high usage public space and provide retail outlets and other marina-related activities.

Westhaven Marina, Auckland, New Zealand marina


Marina Project’s wealth of international experience in marina design and development with specialist knowledge of marina business planning brought an added dimension to the project. Our close links with the marine leisure industry worldwide and experience of detailed engagement with stakeholders ensured that Westhaven Marina is positioned as a world class marina.

Following an initial period of desk based study into the local market place and reviewing background study work and the policy context, a detailed period of site assessment followed.

Because the water space at Westhaven is used for a diverse and extensive range of activities, from model boating and paddle boarding to the provision of superyacht facilities, engagement with and input from a wide range of stakeholders was required. During the site assessment phase, a detailed constraints and opportunities plan was prepared.

The nature of the study and objective to optimise the waterspace use and to maximise commercial yields required a detailed assessment of the site and the projection of future berth demand. This resulted in the development of a range of short, medium and long-term options for the site.