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Proposed Redevelopment of Albert Pier Berths

The Port of Jersey is now seeking a contractor to undertake work in St Helier Marina, which will include the removal of the old Linkspan bridge together with improvements around berths four and five along the Albert Pier.

The redevelopment follows a feasibility study by Marina Projects Ltd in 2012 which considered the operational needs of the various user groups in the area, including the RNLI and options for future development. The preferred scheme being taken forward will include the removal of the Linkspan and construction of a new pedestrian bridge providing access to berths four and five from the Albert Pier. The scheme also involves improved visitor/waiting pontoons along the length of these berths as well as an improved facility for both the RNLI and South Coast Cruises. The removal of the old Linkspan will also release the southwest corner of St Helier Marina for a potential future project involving additional berthing.

Engineering inspections have confirmed that the structure is now at the end of its serviceable life, beyond economic repair and must be removed; as a temporary measure its use is currently limited to pedestrian and light vehicles only.

St_Helier_Hbr_019Over and above the poor condition of the Linkspan, the pontoons and lower connecting bridge also show signs of wear, as well as the concrete capping beam and sheet pile wall that retains the water in St Helier Marina.  This work will be carried out as part of the works project.

Group Capital Projects Manager on behalf of Ports of Jersey, David Tisdale, said: “We recognise a number of factors in and around St Helier Marina and the Albert Pier require addressing to ensure the safety of people using the area and that long-term business operations are not compromised. In addition, redevelopment of this area presents us with a future opportunity to enhance our marine leisure operation with the introduction of new improved facilities.”

Jersey_RNLIThe project has involved consultation with a number of key stakeholders in the vicinity and agreement with the RNLI who will benefit from a new berthing configuration, which will see both inshore and offshore lifeboats berthed together and accessed from the Albert Pier.

Work is expected to start in autumn 2014, completed in time for the 2015 Barclays Jersey Boat Show.