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Project Works Completed at Yarmouth Harbour

Yarmouth Harbour has enjoyed a successful season that has not just been a reflection of the good summer weather but follows the completion of the third phase of pontoon reconfiguration works.  The masterplan at this iconic visitor destination at the western entrance to the Solent, UK included reconfiguring the berthing layout to provide a more efficient use of the water-space, and provision of a greater number of dedicated walk-ashore visitor pontoon berths that optimised commercial returns whilst reducing reliance on other income streams.

Marina Projects prepared a staged masterplan, feasibility studies; detailed business plans viability appraisals and funding proposals as well as leading the work to secure the necessary consents that enabled the works to be carried out.  The completed works not only included the recreational berth reconfiguration but also provides a relocated fuel berth with dedicated berthing and lifting facilities for the local fishing fleet and a separation of the commercial and recreational activities.

Yarmouth Harbour accommodates over 20,000 boat nights every year, and 5,000 short stays which in total results in approximately 100,000 waterborne recreational visitors with significant peaks in activity during summer weekends.  The harbour is a famous and popular visitor destination for vessels of all sizes, arriving from all over the UK and further afield.  The increased number of walk ashore berths not only makes access much easier but also safer.  The new position for the fuel pontoon, the automated crane and other improvements all further enhance the service and access to users.

Chris Lisher, Chief Executive and Harbour Master commented:

“We are very pleased with the finished result that represents the culmination of the masterplan that Marina Projects provided for us.  The feedback from customers throughout the summer has been overwhelmingly positive as the facilities not only improve their visitor experience but also makes our life much simpler.  The reconfiguration of facilities was contentious and during the approval stage there were some significant local issues to overcome and an amount of objection to our proposals.  The finished article has received a huge amount of praise and has proved particularly popular with the users of the Harbour.  Many of those who had concerns or objected to the proposals have been won over and during a busy summer such as we have just had, the improved, flexible, berthing arrangements have come into their own”